Custom Orders

You have a lot of options to create your custom toy. You can choose from different colors and silicone hardnesses.


Please write us an email if you want an individualized toy:



You can choose from these colors


We have in addition to these basic colors over 80 mica and Glow in the Dark colors. Just tell us your color dreams and we realize them




If you want more than one color then you can choose from a variety of patterns


A classic blocky marble. The colors blend as little as possible. Please note thast as softer the silicone is the colors end to blend more.


Two (or more) colors with clear boundaries to each other. We offer both "soft" and "hard" splits.


A soft transition between two colors (currently in the beta test phase)

And if you want something else write us a mail:     




We currently offer 5 different degrees of hardness.

Normally Fantasytoys are delivered in "hard", all others in "very hard". In addition, you can get all toys except the SAW's in "medium", "soft" and "very soft".

Very soft

Our super soft silicone is reminiscent of gelatine. It is very easy to compress and adapts very well to the body. However, toys made of very soft silicone often do not stand alone.Toys made of very soft silicone are less robust than harder toys. Please take care of our very soft toys.

Approximately Shore 00-30


Our soft silicone is easy to bend and press. It adapts well to the body and you can feel textures and details. Many are not self-sustaining.

Approximately Shore A 2


A pleasant middle way. Flexible and elastic it fits well but still leaves almost all details felt.

Our Fantasy Toys and Eggs come in this firmness

Approximately Shore A 5


Toys begin to be flexible, but quickly move back to their original shape. They are also stiff enough to exert pressure on the prostate or G-spot.

Our Classc toys come in this firmness

Approximately Shore A 10

Very hard

Many vinyl and gummitoys from other manufacturers come in a similar hardness which has made us use that as our standard hardness there. Toys in this hardness are always upright.

Approximately Shore A 30


For toys in very soft, soft and medium we take a small surcharge of 5 to 10 USD depending on the size of the toy.


In summary, one can say that it depends on the personal preferences and the application purpose on which hardness one chooses. Many say the bigger the softer. 

Hardness distribution

As a standard our toys have a hardness. However, we can also implement all possible combinations. Whether classics such as "shank soft, foot hard" or "hard inside, outside soft" to SAW's where the huckel were soft, the rest however very hard is much possible. Just ask us, we're looking to realize almost everything.