Organoglide realizes the dream of almost self-gliding toys. After years of research, we have been able to revolutionize the world of silicone sextoys. The organoglide surface almost completely removes the friction typical of silicone and drastically reduces the consumption of lubricants. Relubrication during longer sessions is only necessary in exceptional cases. The velvety, matte surface gives this a much more realistic skin feel.

Organoglide is available for almost all our fantasy toys and all eggs.

To order please write us an email to

Due to the very complicated manufacturing process we charge a surcharge of 50% on the toy price.

Organoglide is certified to ISO 10993-10 (non-irritating to skin) and contains no carcinogenic substances.

Important: Organoglide contains small amounts of natural products and is not suitable for people with a nut allergy. Even persons with an allergy to cottonwood and musk should refrain from use and, if necessary, first do an allergy test with a sample on the skin.