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There it is, our 11in tall werewolf dildo.

After the massive, wedge-shaped head (diameter 2,2in) follows a oval shaft (about 7x5.5cm, circumference 20.5cm) leading to a large, bulbous knot (maximum 9.2cm diameter, 29cm circumference). There is plenty of space behind it to relax comfortably on the massive balls.

Our werewolf dildo is ideal to color it like a real. In some of the pictures you can see a realistic color scheme where lots of capillaries and veins were applied by airbrush (which one hardly recognizes in the photos, in natura for it all the better). We can realize almost any color pattern, just ask.

In addition, we can provide on request the testicles with fur hair. Since our werewolf does not want to donate any hair at the moment, we can offer you various animal hair types, but recommend cleaned and disinfected dog hair for maximum realism (alternatively synthetic hair).

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