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Tetroid stands out at first sight. Its soft edges and  corners bring you new stimulation . After all the round and curvy dildos, your body will rush to new ecstasy.

First, a  0,8x0,8in square is waiting for you. After 0,4in follows a 1,2x1,2in square. After a little over another 0,4in, a  1,2x1,2in square which is 0,8in long before Tetroid shows its full size with a nearly 2,6x2,6in big square of 1,2in thickness before it tapers down to 1,6x1,6in and keeps these dimensions over 1,6in , Then again 2,6x2,6in over 1,2in in length before it tapers down to 1,6x1,6in. After another 1,6in comes the stand with 3,2x3,2in cross section.

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