Sit-Plug L

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The Sit Plug was designed by ToyTorture as a trainings toy for his puppy Sit* to help him become fistable. The double-conic shape stretches the sphincter both soft and consistently, both being pushed in and pulled out. This maximizes the trainings effect. A sturdy and handy base is perfect for solo play and enabled regular training units.
The steps between the different sizes were chosen for a motivating yet challanging training according to ToyTorture's Anal Fisting 101.

*his human Puppy Sit


total height: 5,51 in

usable height: 4,33 in

elyptic dimensions: 2,17 in x 2,36 in

circumference head: 7,48 in

circumference stem: 4,72 in

dimensions foot: 2,17 in x 4,92 in

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