GeometriX L

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Total height: 12,2 in

Useble height: 9,8 in

Circumference: 8,3 in/Diameter: 3,5 in mid-shaft

Circumference Bottom: 15,3 in; Diameter: 4,7 in

Tired of ordinary realistic dildos? You want to see and try something new? Something that's not just round? Then try corners and edges. Discover the GeometriX for yourself with its 12,2in total height of which 9,8in can be used and its mid-shaft circumference of 8,3in. Sometimes the square has to go in the round.



Total height: 12,2 in

Useble height: 9,8 in

Mid-Shaft Circumference: 8,3 in Diameter: 3,5 in

Circumference Bottom: 15,3 in; Diameter: 4,7 in